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Get In-Store Credit for Your Old Bike

Want to get a fair price on your old bike but don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing it online, meeting with strangers in parking lots and dealing with returns or other problems? Well now you don't have to.  We’ve partnered with two online services to make trading in your bike simple and easy.  

Bicycle Blue Book is an online service that determines market value for used bikes, to help you get money for your old bike in the fastest, most convenient way possible. When you stop into The Bicycle Planet and take advantage of this trade-in program, you’ll immediately receive in-store credit toward the purchase of a new bike.

As an official TradeUp Partner with The Pro's Closet, you can maximize the value of your trade in by choosing to spend your trade-in voucher at The Bicycle Planet.

Here's How It Works:

Bicycle Blue Book

Step 1:  Bring in your used bike for evaluation. You can use the widget below to get a valuation estimate at home. Bikes that qualify must be: 2005 model year or newer, with a trade-in value of $300 or more.  

Step 2:  Present your driver's license and sign a Proof of Ownership declaration to complete your trade-in.

Step 3:  Receive immediate in-store credit and pick out your new bike!

Fine Print:

  • Your bike should arrive to us clean, functioning, and in sellable condition. If your bicycle requires service and/or parts, these factors will be deducted from your trade-in value. 
  • We accept bikes with a minimum trade-in value of $300. Department store bikes may not qualify for the trade-in program.
  • $100 ($120 for heavy or bulky bikes) will be deducted from the final trade-in value to cover the cost of boxing and shipping the bike. 

The Pro's Closet

Step 1:  Submit your bike, frame or wheels with two photos and basic details and receive an offer within 24 hours.  

Step 2:  Accept the offer and ship your bike back to The Pro's Closet with the free shipping label.

Step 3:  Get paid one of three ways, cash, The Pro's Closet credit or maximize the value of your trade-in with a voucher you can spend at The Bicycle Planet.

Fine Print:

  • Upon arrival at The Pro's Closet, all bikes, frames and wheels will be inspected before final payment is issued.  
  • The Pro's Closet only purchases bikes with an original MSRP of $2000 or more.  
  • In some cases an original proof of purchase may be required.

Get Started Here

Bicycle Blue Book Widget

What If My Bike Doesn't Qualify for Trade-In?

Typically the trade-in value is going to be significantly less than if you tried selling the bike yourself through private channels. If your bike doesn't fall into the trade-in program above or if you want to try selling it yourself, here are some other possibilities you could explore. Proceed with caution and common sense. We do not advocate or take responsibility for using any of these outlets: 

  • List on Facebook Marketplace or selling apps like Letgo or Nextdoor.
  • Some Facebook groups allow personal postings of items for sale. Please consult the Group Rules for that page before posting. For example, we've seen posts on cycling clubs:
    • Huntington Bicycle Club-Long Island N.Y.
    • Massapequa Park Bicycle Club
    • C.L.I.M.B.
  • Ebay: only for the experienced user. Ebay/Paypal charges a fee around 14%. Beware of return policies - there are many reasons why a buyer can make a return. Be sure to purchase shipping insurance and package the bike properly.