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Custom Built in England

Brompton Folding Bikes are known for their quality and portability. You can choose from the most popular styles that we have in stock. Or you can completely customize your Brompton with features such as handlebar height, gears, and of course, color. Your perfect folding bike will be hand crafted to order at the Brompton factory in England, tuned up by our expert mechanics and ready for pick up or shipped to you within approximately 6 weeks.

Proven in NYC

Bromptons are made for city life. Its genius folding design makes this the most compact folding bicycle available. It fits on the Subway, on a Metro-North train, a bus, in your office cubicle, at a coat check, and under the table at a restaurant. You can literally take it anywhere.

The Fold

The clever design means that the bike can easily be folded or unfolded in under 20 seconds. When folded the bike is locked together in a compact package, which can be carried or towed easily and conveniently stored almost anywhere. The chain and gears are in the center of the folded package keeping them away from clothing and luggage. 


The four handlebar types offer different ride positions for various styles of riding. The handlebar options mean that the bike will give a superb, comfortable riding position.

Each handlebar holds a different appeal. Click on the handlebars to see the riding position.

The Ride

The small wheels afford the bike great acceleration and manoeuvrability, ideal for stop-start city riding in traffic. The smaller wheel diameter also increases the strength and rigidity of the wheels. The suspension system and long seatpost make this folding bike comfortable to ride over rough surfaces and for longer distances.

Gearing Options

With 4 basic gearing options, plus the ability to adjust the range, the gearing can be tailored to suit the rider and terrain. From first time commuter to scaling alpine climbs, there is a gearing option for everyone.

1 SPEED - The purist’s choice: light, simple and without clutter. For flat city riding.
2 SPEED  - This is the best set-up for flexibility and portability: one gear for hills and starting off, one for cruising.
3 SPEED - A robust fully-enclosed hub gear, a popular choice for everyday cycling.
6 SPEED - The ultimate all-rounder, for those who wish to take longer rides and challenging inclines.

Luggage Options

The Brompton luggage system allows the bike to fit into your daily life. Day-to-day carrying needs which might need some thought become easy as the luggage system offers carrying solutions for everyone. The different styles and sizes of bags available mean there is a bag for any situation.

Steering and stability are unaffected by the front luggage system, as the bag does not attach to the handlebar.


Brompton Bikes are available in a range of 11 painted colours, including two-tone. They are are also available with a Raw Lacquer (+$250 for this option) over the steel, allowing you to see the craftsmanship of the brazing.